Vine versus Instagram – which to use?

Last week, I found myself in front of twenty non-profit organisations talking about how to use Twitter in an engaging way.  I suggested using the Vine app allowing users to upload a six second video and post it to Twitter.  To show how a six second Vine video can be used in an engaging way, I played a snippet made by an NBC reporter teaser trailing a news item he was fronting on a fire at a Brazil night club.  It had a sense of urgency and punch about it and left viewers in no doubt that they’d get getting a real insight into the horrific event that claimed many young lives.

Then one of the non-profits in front of me piped up: “Why not use Instagram mate?”

And this is a very good question. Why not? Instagram has now launched its own video snippet service, it’s owned by Facebook with the requisite deep pockets, you can add filters to the videos and they can be easily uploaded to Facebook or Twitter.  So – what’s not to like?

Vine has hit back with some new features which you can read about HERE – but my deep, dark suspicion is that Instagram is going to win this battle.  The simple fact is that most of us don’t want to open up yet another app when we can use one we’ve already got.  And with the Facebook juggernaut behind it, do we really think Vine stands a medium to long term chance?



2 thoughts on “Vine versus Instagram – which to use?

  1. Vastly prefer YouTube Capture to both. Less limitations, and YouTube posts are fast loading on just about every social platform I use. Probably less filter options, but never cared much for those anyway. It’s got stabilize and color correct, which is enough for me. Limited to iOS currently, but it’s Google, so Android is just around the corner.

    • Good point – and of course it’s easier to upload YouTube videos into WordPress blog posts. But I’ve found the stabilize and color correct on YouTube Capture a mixed experience. Maybe I just need to shoot stuff right the first time!

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