Driving force behind the future of ‘TV’

Video is becoming more not less important but corporates seem to still struggle with the concept of integrating video into a seamless user experience – why? It’s really not rocket science…and I’m not a genius by any stretch.

Davenport Face

With the launch of Google Chromecast, reports that Twitter will soon resemble TV and a multitude of other features of late talking about the future of TV, it comes to no surprise to me that people are now talking about the disappearance of traditional broadcast TV.

Of course broadcast channels themselves may survive, albeit purely within a digital environment or framework. It may be old news, or new to some that Twitter is working on the ability to reset your twitter feeds to align it to a particular programme i.e. you can sync your twitter feed to the timing of the your desired programme. That shows 1) power of 2nd screening and also 2) people aren’t going to have to worry about the 2nd screen live TV experience happening in real-time.

This changes the TV landscape in its entirety; from content, advertising and media consumption – the three…

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