Breaking Bad – why have I only just started watching? Ah yeah, social media…

A softly spoken, introverted chemistry teacher with terminal cancer called Walter White – when my partner asked if I’d like to commit to watching this TV series, I must have said no.  And it’s taken to 2013 for me to change my mind.  I know I’m not the only person who’s only recent converted and become an avid fan.  Down the pub – where my most informative encounters still happen – I met a buddy who admitted that, yes, he’d only begun to view in January this year.  So how on earth did we both feel obligated to become Breaking Bad viewers.

The subliminal messaging has undoubtedly come through social media.  There are now over five million Facebook likes and nearly half a million Twitter followers.  This social media push has helped to take a tale of mid-west angst global.  It is an unalloyed triumph of digital marketing – pure and simple.  As the Content Plus website reports, the return of the final series has generated 5.9m viewers with 760,000 social media posts in the first episode.

Strangely – Breaking Bad is one of the few TV programmes that I actually don’t feel like tweeting during.  In fact, I put my smartphone and PC down and enjoy.  However, most of the series’ fans do not feel the same and love to share their views.  It’s an extraordinary phenomenon built – it must be said – on a thoroughly well scripted and conceptualised story.  Let’s not put it all down to slick marketing.


7 thoughts on “Breaking Bad – why have I only just started watching? Ah yeah, social media…

  1. Although I love the show Breaking Bad, I thought the episode called Rabid Dog was the weakest one of the season so far. I know it will get better for the remainder though! Thx for sharing!

  2. Hi Tony, thanks for mentioning my blog on this post. We just started watching Breaking Bad thanks to Netflix and a couple of other friends who recommended it.

    It is nice catching you with you in WordPress. Blog to you soon.

  3. This is an interesting observation. Social media sites create a perfect platform for the willful unpaid advertising of movies, tv shows, etc.

    It justifies the involved storylines too. People want to talk about what happens each episode. To join together and compare notes, just to be sure no stone is left unturned.

    That’s partly why I started publishing episode-by-episode reviews: To keep track. The fact that so many others are so into it is just an added bonus.

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