Google new site for journalists has corporate possibilities

All journalists now use social media to observe, monitor, engage and push out stories.  Those that don’t live in caves and hunt sabre-toothed tigers – they also have low brows and limited intelligence.  Expect them to die out soon.  For the digitally savvy, Google, Twitter and YouTube offer a vast resource that Google has added to today with its new Google Media Tools site – click HERE to visit.  This site also has a corporate dimension – and I think it will revolutionise the way companies speak to stakeholders.  The future is upon us!

So what does it include:

  • Live, on-air hangouts have already been pioneered by Al Jazeera and others – now it’s part of the Google mix
  • The Guardian has made innovative use of Google Maps, now you can see how to bring your story to life using them
  • ONTV and The Weather Channel distribute video content on YouTube reaching broader audiences

The message to corporate communicators is – wake up!!  At a relatively low cost, tired communications approaches can be revitalised using some Google magic.  I’m amazed at how many corporates have yet to realise that Google Hangouts offer a cost-effective, rapid way to create online conversations that are then available on demand on YouTube for as long as you wish.  Why hire out a TV studio for a round table (God knows, I’ve done enough of these and I’m yawning as I type), when you can link up a group of people using the little camera on their PCs and get them talking.  President Obama has done it – for goodness sakes – and the White House is populated by the biggest control freaks on the planet.  If they’re comfortable with Hangouts, why haven’t you done one with your stakeholders?

Google Maps and Google Earth are a great way to show store/branch locations and GPS based apps are a great way to reach out to your consumers.  Are you offering any discounts or additional information on services through Foursquare, Facebook or your corporate app (oh, you don’t have one) – seriously, come on!  People love information graphics and maps loaded with information.  Why deny them this pleasure?

I’m embracing the revolution as you can see and to find out more about my spin on it, click HERE.



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