About Rostra

Rostra Consulting is about building digital networks for global change.


We are involved in the following projects:

  • Democracy  Rostra engages with projects to build democracy and enterprise all over the world. We help to create physical and digital networks bringing talented young people together – http://www.rostraconsulting.com/democracy/
  • Networks Rostra Consulting runs social media clinics for corporates, government, NGOs and community groups – helping people master this medium – http://www.rostraconsulting.com/networks/
  • Africa Rostra Consulting works with partners in Africa to improve bilateral relations with western governments and foster democracy and human rights http://www.rostraconsulting.com/africa/
  • Equal Rights  Rostra Consulting has been assisting campaigners for gender equality for Muslim women in both the UK and around the world http://www.rostraconsulting.com/equal-rights/
  • Communities Rostra Consulting has helped a wide variety of community groups reach more young people http://www.rostraconsulting.com/communities/

We believe digital can be a force for good – transforming lives and creating progressive and secure communities.

Contact:  Tony McMahon at tonymcmahon@rostraconsulting.com



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